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Customer Driven User Experience Design, Part 1

Web Designer/Developer Michael Holsather shares his goals for creating a great software user experience for TSI customers in Part 1 of two blogposts.

By Mike Holsather, TSI Web Designer/Developer

When you think of TSI, you probably think of the devices and instruments you work with day-to-day, but have you ever thought of TSI as a software company? In recent years TSI has been hard at work updating the user-interface design language running on its devices, instruments, and software services.

 BlueSky – A TSI Link Service
BlueSky – A TSI Link Service

As a User Experience Designer at TSI, my primary goal is to make your software as efficient and easy to use as possible while also providing the data you need to deliver. Anticipating future workflow challenges and creating new data insights are also among my top considerations when crafting the user experience for our family of products and services. 

To achieve these goals our customers are, by far, the most valuable resource we have available. The best user experience can only be achieved if we truly understand their workflows, data requirements, and future needs. While I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by a team of leading experts in their field, with decades of industry experience, it is still essential to listen to the voice of the customer. 

Understanding the customers’ pain points leads us to the insights we need to create a well-designed application

Efficiency and ease of use are critical to a solid user experience, but TSI also wants to deepen your understanding of the data you work with and provide key insights that might not be readily apparent on the surface. Businesses need to do more with the data they collect these days to remain competitive in the marketplace but revealing new and actionable data can be a challenge. When TSI approaches a new product design or is looking to add features and/or enhance an existing product, all phases throughout the design and development life-cycle focus on the customers’ needs. What can TSI do to make our products the best fit for your workflow and what data is most relevant to your company and customers? Let us know and together we can make the best possible user experience for the TSI devices, software, and services you rely on.

In a future article I will look at the critical steps of user-centered design and how TSI uses the Voice of the Customer in that process. Look for a short, 6-minute online survey going out to all TSI customers, or contact your channel partner or sales representative to see how your voice can help define the future of TSI software.

Posted on Jan 05 2021 08:30
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