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TSI Back Together Again

Some members of the marcom team were recently able to sit down with TSI VP of Human Resources Jill Schulz to discuss the trials and tribulations of overcoming a global pandemic, as well as TSI’s next steps.

Picture this: You are one month in to a new job as a Human Resources VP of an international company, and all of a sudden you start to hear rumblings from the office in China stating JillSchultz.jpgthat they’re dealing with this new virus… In February and March of 2020 that was Jill Schulz’s reality.

              “We actually found a memo the other day that said ‘in the unlikely event that we will need to social distance,’ and you realize now looking back how little we knew,” Schulz said.

Since March of 2020, many of TSI’s employees in various departments such as marketing and sales have been working entirely remote as a safety measure not only for them, but for our on-site employees as well. In order to keep operations up and running to build many solutions that played significant roles in the fight against the pandemic, most employees on the production line and in manufacturing continued to report to the office during the height of the pandemic. Social distancing, health screenings, and other safety protocols were put in place in an effort to help keep employees safe.

Schulz applauds the efforts of every single TSI staff member for their ability and willingness to adapt throughout the pandemic. There were so many factors at play from figuring out how to collaborate remotely, ensuring safety protocols were followed on site, onboarding new employees throughout the pandemic, to even working from home with curious young ones very interested in WebEx® meetings. The entire senior management team is very proud of how TSI employees as a whole overcame those hurdles.

Beginning the week of April 11, TSI introduced a new hybrid model, allowing the employees who were working remotely 100-percent of the time, to split work hours between home and the office.

While there’s always a chance for COVID-19 cases to spike or for a new variant to make itself known, Schulz speaks for TSI as a whole when she says that she’s looking forward to the new hybrid model and the benefits it will provide.

              “For me, it’s really about the connection, the energy, and the opportunities that happen when we gather,” Schulz said. “It’s all about people.”

HR’s first move in fostering connections and bringing back energy? Food trucks and lawn games. After multiple COVID-19 and weather-related delays, the “Together Again” event happened on the April 21st and was a smashing success.

              “I was hired in November of 2020 and have been working from home ever since, so it’s exciting to finally be meeting work colleagues face-to-face and experiencing what TSI is all about.” said Jack Carlson, a marketing coordinator at TSI.

The hybrid model is ushering in changes for workplaces on a global scale, but Schulz believes TSI is up to the challenge.

              “We have really good people… and I am confident we’ll be able to navigate whatever is thrown at us,” Schulz said.


Posted on Apr 29 2022 15:26
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