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Meet the Team - A Day in the Life of Larry Lemanski

Welcome to TSI blog post series about our team!

What’s behind TSI? Intelligence and commitment, but above all, real people. Throughout this series, we will tell you more about our Service team members, including their experiences, values and passions.

Today we introduce you to Larry Lemanski, Manager of Global Service Implementation at TSI.


What do you like about working at TSI?

For a technical person, the broad variety of ‘stuff’ that TSI builds and supports is always enticing. There’s a lot of very cool hardware that’s shipped out of TSI and used by an amazing array of customers in various industries. Looking at our customer base, it’s hard to find a large multinational company to which we don’t sell.


Can you share a recent project you have been working on?

Sure I can share a couple of the largest projects I have been working on with my team.
TSI has recently expanded its ISO 17025 accredited calibration coverage at its Shoreview, USA and High Wycombe, UK facilities to include TSI mass flow meters.

In addition, being TSI a global company, we extended the support of the TSI PortaCount Fit Tester into our regional service center in China to provide both calibration and repair capabilities and better support local customer needs.


What’s your background/past experience?

My undergraduate is in Electronic Engineering but I have always enjoyed learning and have gone back and received an MBA and a Masters In International Management. I’ve been lucky enough to also teach business classes over the years. I’ve worked in sectors including avionics, food packaging, and internet infrastructure before joining TSI. In each case I’ve been lucky to learn about new technologies and different ways of doing things.

What are the values that drive you?

In business: People want to do good work. Sometimes we have to give them the training, tools, and opportunities to do so. In life: There has to be hope. Hope drives faith, performance, desire to improve and belief for a better future.


Your top 3 favorite Books/Podcasts?

Favorites is hard to say: I’m a huge fan of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biographies and have read most of them. The book(s) I’ve read repeatedly though are the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! On my drive home I’m listening to Freakanomics podcasts or some about my favorite soccer teams.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I do pottery which takes up a bit of my free time (and eventually fills up a bit of my house!). I bike when I can; unfortunately too much is stationary in MN! Otherwise watching sports (Soccer or Football) and Historical documentaries take my time. My wife and I are also willing to drive/fly to see as much as we can.



Posted on Mar 27 2024 04:32
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