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SaaS Focus - The 5 Benefits of Cloud Storage


People and organizations are looking with more interest in using cloud services to store files and data. Many have already decided to move away from storage on computers or hard drives and use the cloud, recognizing its value. Indeed, it has become the standard approach for most companies.

Cloud storage means that data is saved and backed up on an internet server managed by a third party, instead of local computers, providing multiple benefits in terms of accessibility, security, and efficiency. This is one of the key features of the SaaS cloud computing model and solutions that many companies have adopted.

Below we summarize the main benefits of storing your data in the cloud, especially from a business perspective:

Cloud service interface is usually intuitive and easy to use, so it is quite simple to save and retrieve files and data. No matter where they are, users need only an internet connection to access the cloud and manage their data online.

Major cloud service providers offer data encryption for higher security and safety as well as several backups on multiple servers to prevent any issues.

Less hassles, and peace of mind
With cloud storage, users don’t have to take care of physical hardware and anything related with local storage. Manual back-ups, software updates, maintenance, and security are all managed by the service host. In particular, the backup becomes a fully automated process happening once or more times per day, depending on user preferences.

In recent years, cloud storage has become more cost effective and convenient. In fact, by outsourcing the whole data storage, businesses can enjoy significant savings on internal resources and cost of having local hardware, on-site maintenance and physical server space–a vital advantage of the cloud.

Team collaboration
Data storage in the cloud allows more and easier collaboration within the team. Multiple individuals can open and edit files simultaneously so that a full remote team, for example, can work on the same file in real time from anywhere.

As a SaaS solution, TSI Link platform is designed to offer cloud data storage and allow users to access, share and manage device data in real-time easily.

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Posted on Feb 01 2023 15:27
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