Migrating from TSI Link API v2 to v3 for Data Analyzer users

The TSI Link API v2 is scheduled to be shut down on Nov 30th , 2023. After this date, the v2 platform will no longer be available and all API requests will need to be made through the new v3 platform. 

For TSI Link Data Analyzer users who haver already an account set up it will be simple to switch from API v2 to v3. You can just follow the steps below and it will take up to 3 minutes.

  1. Go to the MyApp section of TSILink Developers Portal
  2. Use an existing App or create a new one.  They typically take a only few minutes to be processed and approved
  3. Open the App that will be used for the new credentials from
  4. Open the Excel Data Analyzer. Go to the Setting sections, where the new credentials will be input. Sign out so you can replace the v2 credentials
  5. Copy the Key (which can also be called client ID) and Secret from the Developers Portal into the Excel Data Analyzer and Sign In.  See the example below

    Now you are set to continue to use the Excel Data Analyzer with the new credentials. Using your v3 credentials is important, since v2 credentials will expire in December 2023.

    You can watch the video below for more details.

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