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Meet the Team - A Day in the Life of Jerry Bark


Welcome to TSI blog post series on our team!

What’s behind TSI? Intelligence and commitment, but above all, real people. Throughout this series, we will tell you more about our SaaS team members, including their experiences, values and passions.

Today we introduce you Jerry Bark, VP of Advanced Business Technology Group at TSI.

What do you like about working at TSI?
TSI is filled with talented and driven professionals who design, manufacture, and support the best solutions in the industry.  Our product applications are interesting and diverse.  Best of all, we help our customers address really important problems.

What does a typical day look like for you at TSI?
I probably spend well over half my week in meetings, working on a variety of projects.  I am really looking forward to bringing some of these meetings back into the office.  Ideation is so much easier in person and with an actual whiteboard.    


Can you share a recent project you have been working on
Most of our instruments produce real-time data and we believe that connectivity to the TSI Link platform will provide increased productivity and data insight for our customers.  I have been working with a small engineering team to design connectivity to TSI Link Solutions.


What’s your background/past experience?
My background is electrical engineering.  Before TSI, I developed custom test instrumentation at the General Motors Proving Ground.  I also worked at a medical imaging company that was an early leader in the digitization of radiology and cardiology images.

What are the values that drive you?
I firmly believe in all of TSI’s Guiding Principles.  It is hard to single any one of them out as being more important than the others.  But the foundation of them all is the need to treat everyone with dignity and respect.   

Your top 3 favorite Books/Podcasts?
My favorite novel is probably Catcher in the Rye.  But I love anything related to history.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Sometimes I enjoy writing software applications on weekends.  This keeps my technical skills sharp and serves as an outlet for creativity that I don’t really have time for during the work week.

Posted on Apr 25 2022 11:29
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