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Meet the Team - A Day in the Life of Don Stager


Welcome to TSI blog post series on our team!

What’s behind TSI? Intelligence and commitment, but above all, real people. Throughout this series, we will tell you more about our SaaS team members, including their experiences, values and passions.

Today we introduce you to Don Stager, Downstream SaaS Product Manager at TSI.

What’s your background/past experience?
I have a chemical engineering degree and worked as a process engineer for about 3 years. While working in technical sales I got my MBA and then moved into finance. 
I put these different skills together as I moved into software product management.  In particular, SaaS is a growing field that provides a lot of challenges including: writing requirements, pricing software, working with customers, testing and adjusting to build business models that can have a big impact.

What do you like about working at TSI?
We have market leading products and dynamic challenges. I like working on the SaaS offerings and diving into identifying how it can help complement our devices to provide our customers with even more insights. 
The Shoreview office has “Minnesota Nice” people: down to earth, smart and helpful.  

Can you share a recent project you have been working on?
​We are leveraging and enhancing the TSI Link™ Solutions tracking metrics to better understand how customers use the application and what we can do to improve it. 

What are the values that drive you?
I value teams, honesty, responsibility and numbers.   I like meetings to be short and agenda driven and I love quantifying things.  My daughter says I am boring...

Your top 3 favorite Books/Podcasts?
The Economist, NPR, LSE: Public lectures and event, The Crisis of Liberal Capitalism by Martin Wolf, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Reading, biking, gardening, dinning with family and friends, and running with my Australian cattle dog.  This summer I am going on Ragbria; a 500-mile, week long bike tour across Iowa, so I need to prepare for it and it is a good way to get in shape.


Posted on May 10 2023 11:29
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