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All aboard: TSI on the high seas

TSI is part of two exciting ocean adventures. Read about the yachts making history with TSI on board.

This month two big TSI stories floated up. Both are about seagoing vessels and how TSI is helping to propel them toward their goals. Read about the good ships Defiant and Eugen Seibold.

Defiant, American Magic's Challenger for America's Cup

Defiant, American Magic's Challenger for America's CupThis month, the New York Yacht Club (NYCC) American Magic welcomed TSI as a Team Partner in their quest for the 36th America's Cup. The America's Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy, originally awarded in 1851 to the schooner America, which gave it its name. The NYCC held the trophy from 1857 until 1983, making it the longest winning streak in sports history. In March 2020, Defiant will challenge the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron the current holders of the Cup.

We're very excited to be part of this historic race. Over 76,000 hours went into the creation and finishing of Defiant, an innovative foiling monohull, the "first America's Cup class boat built to represent the New York Yacht Club in over 16 years."

To learn more about the long and complicated history of the America's Cup, visit its Wikipedia page.

Eugen Seibold, blue water-sail yacht for ocean and climate research

Our second sea story concerns another yacht built for a very different kind of mission. Funded by the Werner Siemens Foundation and operated by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, the Eugen Siebold is a 22-meter ocean-going research vessel. Designed to be eco-friendly, the sailing yacht supports 5-6 scientists and two crew members to work in remote areas doing scientific research. Their research goals include:

  • "a better understanding of exchange processes between atmosphere and ocean
  • "study of the upper 1000 m of the ocean and its effect on climate, including the euphotic zone and surface mixed layer, where most physical, chemical, and biological turnover takes place
  • "calibration of paleoceanographic proxies in the water column"

The Eugen Seibold has a unique hybrid engine system with energy produced by a diesel/electric motor as well as a propeller that generates electric power. A large battery on the yacht stores up to 10 hours worth of power.

We are proud that several TSI instruments are included in the Eugen Seibold's onboard laboratories. The last 4 minutes of this video on the yacht show TSI particle counters and particle sizers

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Posted on Sep 18 2019 14:51
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