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New Condensation Particle Counter passes reliability tests

The Versatile Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter 3789 faced rigorous testing on its way to market.

Versatile Water-Based Condensation Particle CounterTSI's newest water-based condensation particle counter is ready for work after a successful test period. Engineers subjected the 3789 to rigorous reliability testing, simulating the heavy use these instruments may encounter in the lab or in the field.

  • Large pressure drop tests: Engineers tested the 3789 by closing the inlet for 10 seconds every five minutes for five days. These kinds of interruptions create large pressure drops that typically cause errors for other instruments. The Versatile Water-Based CPC recovered from every closure, consistently producing accurate measurements of the particle number concentration throughout the testing period.
  • Maximum concentration tests: For 10 days in a row, engineers challenged the 3789 with near-maximum aerosol concentrations. Every 15 minutes, the team used a reference butanol-based condensation particle counter to check the accuracy of the particle concentration reading. The 3789 delivered stable measurements every day of testing.

Robust and flexible, the new Versatile Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter has passed its performance tests and is ready to help researchers reach their goals. Visit the 3789 product page or view the brochure.

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