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Fit testing faster with a PortaCount kit

You can now purchase a PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester bundled with a Microsoft Surface Go tablet and other accessories.

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Kit with Microsoft Surface Go tabletTablets provide a user-friendly, lightweight, and flexible way to conduct respirator fit testing, especially when testing large groups of respirator wearers. By design, PortaCount respirator fit testers and the FitPro software work well on tablets. Customers have let us know that many of them prefer to use a tablet with PortaCount equipment.

Bundled by demand

In response to customer demand, we've made it possible to order a new PortaCount instrument (model 8040 or 8048) bundled with a Microsoft® Surface Go tablet. New respirator fit testing kits include a PortaCount 8048 (or 8040) Respirator Fit Tester, a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet, a WiFi USB Adapter, and a USB Cable, as well as the standard PortaCount accessories kit. 

Visit the PortaCount 8048 Respirator Fit Tester Kit page

Ready-to-test PortaCount kit arrives with everything you need

The new PortaCount kits simplifies your purchase by delivering everything you need at once. Respirator fit testing on a tablet has all the functionality of testing on a desktop or laptop computer, including real-time FitCheck™ Mode and real-time measurements. Visit the PortaCount 8048 Respirator Fit Tester Kit product page or request more information about PortaCount kits.

Posted on Jul 18 2019 13:03
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