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Video: Using Real-Time FitCheck Mode on the PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester

What does PortaCount® Fit Tester’s FitCheck® Mode do and how can it make your fit testing program more efficient?

What does PortaCount Fit Tester’s FitCheck Mode do? Watch the 4-min videoIt can be difficult to achieve a good fit with filtering facepieces like N95s. Many respirator wearers may feel their N95 fits well, only to find that they have difficulty passing a fit test due to incorrect sizing or wear. 

With qualitative fit testing methods using Saccharin or Bitrex®, you only know if a respirator fits after the full-length fit testing process. However, there is a more efficient way to achieve a good respirator fit, and do it prior to the fit test by improving staff training and the respirator sizing process.

A Real-time Look at Respirator Fit in 30 seconds

The PortaCount® Fit Tester’s FitCheck® Mode provides real-time measurements that assess the quality of a respirator’s fit. FitCheck® Mode shows in 30 seconds whether a test subject has an adequate seal between their respirator and face—without running a full fit test. 

FitCheck® Mode is a great tool for quickly determining the correct respirator sizes for staff. It also helps train staff how to properly don (put on) and adjust respirators to optimize their fit. If there is any problem passing a fit test, FitCheck® Mode can also help you troubleshoot failed fit tests.

Improve Respirator Training & Troubleshoot Difficult Cases for Fewer Failures

By improving the training that respirator wearers receive, you reduce fit test failures and increase the protection that staff receive from their respiratory protection. If you have a respirator wearer with a difficult to fit facial shape or respirators of variable quality, FitCheck Mode allows you to troubleshoot and hone in on the adjustments needed or reject respirators that will not fit. 

FitCheck Mode measurements are so precise that you can see the change in fit and protection with movement or by breaking the face seal. By watching the real-time fit factor display on the screen, respirator wearers can better understand how adjustments and proper wear effect the fit of their respirator. 

FitCheck Mode is not a substitute for a full fit test using established fit testing protocols. However, it is a great tool to achieve a better respirator fit and protection for staff, while also making the fit testing process more efficient.

Watch our video to see the PortaCount® Fit Tester’s Fit Check Mode in action

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