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Expand your inhalation testing capabilities with the NEW NGI Plus

Learn about the launch of our newest pharmaceutical cascade impactor, the NGI+.

The new NGI+ Pharmaceutical Cascade ImpactorMSP, a Division of TSI, just launched their new next generation impactor, the NGI+. We kept all the features that made the original NGI the standard used in USP guidelines, but substituted some of the base design materials to increase its durability.

The NGI+ has better corrosion protection, enhanced chemical and biological resistance, and a longer equipment life expectancy. These features also mean that the NGI+ is an ideal cascade impactor for nebulizer testing and/or more robust cleaning methods.

Nebulizer testing with the new NGI+ pharmaceutical cascade impactorNebulizer Testing

Nebulizer solutions continue to gain momentum in the industry, especially as a treatment option for patients with severely limited breathing capacities or to deliver fragile biologics. But in the past, nebulizers have been difficult to test with standard cascade impactors because of the solutions’ relatively high corrosive saline mixture. The NGI+ was designed to withstand more corrosive applications, which makes it an ideal choice for nebulizer testing.

Robust Cleaning Methods

Many steps in the particle collection/inhaler testing process have been automated, but automating impactor system cleaning has been difficult to implement. The enhanced corrosion resistance of the NGI+ mean harsher chemicals can be used to clean it (shortening the time-consuming process) and it enables automated cleaning solutions.

Learn more about the new NGI+

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