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Aerosol Neutralizer 3012

SKU: 3012

Aerosol neutralization is an important component of aerosol science and engineering. Neutralizing aerosol particles can reduce electrostatic losses of particles within tubing or to other surfaces. Neutralization is also critical to gathering reliable particle size data when using a sizing instrument based on electrical mobility.

Product Details

Aerosol Neutralizer Model 3012 is a general-purpose radioactive neutralizer suitable for use with flows up to 50 L/min. If your flow rate will always be near the upper end of this range and/or if your aerosols are highly charged, consider the model 3012A.

Features and Benefits

  • Kr-85 source
  • Radioactivity of 74 MBq
  • Half-life of 10.7 years
  • Maximum flow rate of 50 L/min