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Product Selector - Flow Meter

Please answer the questions below to find the flow meter that’s right for you. When you’re done select the ‘Next’ button to see our recommendations.
Your flow range will determine whether you are interested in a low flow meter or a high flow meter.

Low flow meters (0-30 L/min) are the best if you are measuring flows under 1 L/min.
High flow meters (0-300 L/min) are best if you are measuring flows over 1 L/min and want the lowest pressure drop possible.

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Our high flow meters provide a lower pressure drop because the connections/adapters are larger, meaning the flow doesn’t have to slow down to enter the meter.

All TSI flow meters include digital outputs for flow rate, absolute pressure, and temperature. Our 4000 Series line of flow meters also includes analog output of flow rate.

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Analog output is useful if you are directly connecting your flow meter into a specifically analog data acquisition system – it measures based on voltage and transmits the data to your system through an analog cable.

Digital output transmits data through a USB port to display it on a screen. It is more useful if you want to actually see your flow data, versus transmitting the data directly into the system.