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Ensuring Instruments Performance for Vehicle Emissions

Global Technical Regulation 15 (GTR 15)

TSI’s Engine Exhaust Particle Counters 3790A and 3790A-10  are widely used for making PNC measurements of engine emissions.GTR 15 specifies how light-duty vehicle type approval testing must be performed. Published by the UN ECE Working Party on Pollution and Energy group (GRPE), GTR 15 specifies the test methods, and required results, for conducting type approval.

Measuring Particulate Emissions According to GTR 15

GTR 15 specifies that particulate emissions from vehicles must be quantified according to their number concentration, and that this concentration is to be measured using a particle number counter (PNC; section The PNC must be calibrated according to ISO 27891 (Section, and have specified D50 and D90 values (section [h]).

TSI’s Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counters EECPC 3790A and EECPC 3790A-10 are widely used for making PNC measurements of engine emissions. 

Calibrating an EECPC 3790 (or 3790A-10) in accordance with ISO 27891 provides a very high level of confidence in the accuracy of the instrument. If your calibration interests also include performing calibrations or validations outside of ISO 27891 (for example, calibrating EECPCs with soot aerosol), TSI is your calibration partner.

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