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New products for manufacturers and manufacturing processes

New flow meters and remote cleanroom particle counters are the latest TSI tools for our manufacturing customers.

New TSI products for manufacturers and manufacturing processesThis spring, TSI engineers unveiled new products designed to help manufacturers. 

New Remote Cleanroom Particle Counters: AeroTrak+

On June 3, we introduced our newest remote cleanroom particle counter, the AeroTrak+. These instruments enable an interrupted flow of data for our customers who manage pharmaceutical, semiconductor or other types of cleanroom manufacturing. New laser technology, simpler installation, and greater flexibility are just a few of the features of the  new AeroTrak+. Other enhancements include:

  • PoE for all new models
  • Onboard data storage for up to six months
  • Internal maintenance diagnostics 
  • Option for LoRaWAN wireless communication
  • Industrial level electrical immunity

Read all about these cleanroom particle counters in the News section.

All-in-one flow meters launched in MayNew All-in-One Mass Gas Flow Meters: 5000 Series

All-in-one flow meters launched in May. The 5000 Series mass gas flow meters are available in 26 new models, with a range of combined capabilities and features. Designed to serve biomed testing and medical device R&D, the 5000 Series flow meters measure flow for combinations of Air, N2, O2, and CO2, as well as:

  • mass flow rate
  • volumetric flow rate
  • absolute pressure
  • differential pressure
  • temperature
  • volume
  • humidity

Find the right model for your application by using the Flow Meter Product Selector.

Are you interested in seeing how TSI supports manufacturing applications? Visit the Manufacturing section.

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