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TSI supports the academic and industrial research goals.TSI isn’t just a company that makes research instruments, we’re built on research. Our scientists and engineers are actively involved in partnerships and projects to advance knowledge. We work with and serve universities, colleges, R&D departments, government agencies, and laboratories around the world with scientific expertise as well as patented and proven research instruments.

Finding answers to scientific questions

Our customers use our instruments to measure, diagnose, innovate, and solve complex research problems. TSI research instruments generate critical data for aerosol and nanoparticles research, environmental studies, multiphase flow measurement, combustion research, and more. TSI contributes to making people safer, while helping to make products more efficient and more effective.

Industry Applications


Engine Emissions Monitoring

Automotive designers and engineers rely on emissions data to design compliant vehicles.

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics Research

Instruments for aerodynamics, spray diagnostics, hydrodynamics, multiphase flows, and more.

Gas Flow

Gas Flow Measurement

Accurate flow meters with wide dynamic range and fast response, for better product testing.


Aerosol Research

Atmospheric science, engine emissions research, inhalation toxicology, and climate studies.

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