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Aerosol Research

Aerosol ResearchAerosol and particle research provides answers to questions about ambient air pollution, nanotechnology, atmospheric science, industrial hygiene, and more. Researchers who are expanding our knowledge in these fields depend on accurate, reliable instrumentation.

For over half a century, TSI has developed and manufactured state-of-the-art aerosol and particle instruments for research applications across a range of fields. Our tools have enabled researchers to explore frontiers in atmospheric science, engine emissions research, inhalation toxicology, and climate studies.

Our instrumentation and expertise continue to enable researchers to identify new areas of inquiry and achieve their research goals.

Products for every stage of the particle life cycle

TSI products contribute to all aspects of aerosol and particle research, whether it is counting, sizing, generating, or sampling.

Particle Sizing

Able to measure particles anywhere between 1nm and 20 microns in size, TSI particle sizers are appropriate for a wide array of applications. Whether you need sub-second time response, portability, or best-in-class size resolution, our catalog has a solution to suit your needs.

Particle Counting

Particle number concentrations are a critical question in nearly every aerosol research setting. TSI has developed specialized particle counters to meet long-term environmental monitoring, engine emissions, and laboratory research requirements, among others.

Particle Generation and Dispersion

Researchers may measure particles already present in their application or generate their own particles for study. TSI’s suite of particle generators can aerosolize materials as diverse as oils, salts, size standard particles, dusts, nanoparticles, as well as biological materials like viruses and proteins.

Particle Sampling

Collecting particles for offline analysis can be an important step for aerosol researchers. TSI sampling instruments can collect aerosols for further analysis through electron microscopy, gravimetry, or other various other kinds of chemical analysis.

TSI’s comprehensive line of trusted aerosol instrumentation adds value to research around the world. Find more details about our aerosol and particle research products below. You are always welcome to contact a TSI representative to discuss your instrument or application needs.

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