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IC Engine Probe Adaptor

UGS: EP-12

Détails du produit

The new EP-12 and EP-14 IC Engine Probe Adaptors allow time-resolved, spatially resolved, even cycle-resolved velocity and turbulence measurements from unmodified IC engines. No optical access is needed, and the in-cylinder flow geometry stays just the way you want it. The Model EP-12 and EP-14 IC Engine Probe Adaptors are used with one or two component Model TR 10 series transceiver probes. The standard TLN01-60EP lens is included with the probe adaptor, and allows measurement from the window surface to 15.9mm outwards. The optional Model TLN01-50EP "High-SNR" lens offers improved signal to noise ratio for the 0 to 5.2mm region, where the spark gap is typically located. The optional Model TLN01-80EP "Long Stand-off" lens allows measurement over the 18.3 to 35.3mm range.

Features and Benefits  
  • Allows in-cylinder measurements with no additional optical access
  • No permanent alterations to the fiber probe
  • One or two-component measurements are possible
  • Built-in window is AR coated and rated to 17MPa
  • Stainless steel construction rated to 50 deg C with fiber probe
  • Allows indexed rotational positioning
  • Allows repeatable and precise axial positioning
  • Models available for 12x1.25mm and 14x1.25mm spark plug ports
  • Velocity measurement
  • Turbulence characterization
  • Swirl measurement
  • Flow characterization at the spark gap
  • Characterization of inlet geometry effects
Included Items  
  • EP-12 or EP-14 IC Engine Adaptor
  • Retainer for all TR 10 series 15mm Fiberoptic Transceiver Probes
  • 60mm EP series lens

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