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Testing Medical Insufflators with Flow Meters

Medical equipment like insufflation devices require periodic servicing and testing to ensure proper performance.

Testing Medical InsufflatorsWhat are Insufflators and how are they used?

Insufflation in the medical field is when a gas, powder, or vapor is blown into a body cavity. Medical and endoscopic insufflators are used for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Respiratory assistance and anesthesia
  • Drug administration

Why do Insufflators need to be tested?

Insufflation devices can contain a variety of sensors used to control pressure, gas flow, and temperature. These sensors also feed into the real-time display/readings to inform the user throughout use. It is essential that the sensors in the insufflator are operating correctly, which requires periodic servicing and testing—both during product development / manufacturing and throughout the use of the equipment (typically by manufacturer or authorized service technician).

How are Insufflators tested?

TSI’s 5000 Series Mass Flow Meters are ideal for the development, production, and service of insufflation devices. Our flow meters integrate flow, pressure, and temperature measurements into one instrument, and can easily log and export data. And, TSI flow technology’s ultra-low pressure drop conforms to the low pressure drop test requirements specified by some manufacturers.

Learn more about insufflator testing and how TSI 5000 series flow meters can help in your work by visiting our Insufflator Testing page.

Posted on Apr 05 2021 13:06
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