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Environmental monitoring with TSI instrumentsDust, gases, and particles of every size are byproducts of natural forces and human activity. Forest fires, volcanoes, and other natural disasters add particles to the air we breathe, as do modern industry, energy generation, and transportation. To manage the impact on our communities, the world shares responsibility for measuring and assessing environmental risks.  

Generating data for research, design, and improvement

For new products and systems to work as designed and meet their quality, safety, and environmental requirements, customers rely on data from TSI instruments. Construction, mining, oil & gas, environmental remediation, transportation, and every kind of manufacturing operation uses TSI information to comply, plan, grow, and succeed. 

We also count among our customers scientists who contribute to environmental studies, including industries, government agencies, universities, and community research. Researchers use our products to study ambient air quality and the impact of airborne particles on human health and climate. Their research becomes part of the science that shapes policy and standards. As a result, our world is better equipped to manage disasters and to protect workers and communities.

At TSI, we understand that you’re changing the world every day. We have the data to prove it.

Industry Applications

Air Quality

Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Fine particles (PM10 and PM2.5), aerosols and dust require precision instruments to measure.


Engine Emissions

Manufacturers and automotive engineers rely on particle data to design low-emission vehicles.

Aerosol Science

Aerosol Research

From engine emissions to climate and atmospheric studies, researchers rely on TSI instruments.

Ambient Air

Ambient Monitoring

Particulate mass, real-time particle number, particle size and sampling for subsequent analysis.

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