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April Healthcare and Medical Conferences

Respirator fit is a crucial factor in protecting patients, nurses, and other medical and clinical personnel from airborne infection.

Quantitative respirator fit testing for medical staffTSI health & safety experts are networking with healthcare providers throughout April at cross-country conferences. Our teams support doctors, nurses, and other medical staff with PortaCount respirator fit testing equipment, and in some cases TSI is also running respirator fit testing clinics at the events.

Quantitative respirator fit testing provides an objective measurement of respirator fit. Unlike qualitative fit testing, QNFT with PortaCount gives respirator wearers real and accurate numbers to assess their level of protection from airborne hazards, in real time.

OSHA and NFPA now require quantitative fit testing for many respirators. We offer PortaCount systems to medical professionals as an effective infection prevention tool.

Learn more about the differences between qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing

If you're in a healthcare role, see us at one of the following shows in April. Learn first-hand how to better protect yourself and your patients from breathable hazards.

Posted on Mar 26 2019 09:00
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