What to Look for When Purchasing a Ventilator Test System

Purchasing a ventilator tester is a crucial decision, especially considering its role in ensuring the proper functioning of life-saving equipment. Check out some key factors to consider when making this purchase:

Accuracy, Calibration, and Compliance
The ventilator tester should provide accurate and reliable measurements. Look for devices that are regularly calibrated to recognized standards. Ensure that the ventilator tester complies with relevant industry standards and regulations, such as ISO 17025:2017 accreditation or regulatory requirements in your region.

Range of Testing
Ensure that the ventilator tester can cover a wide range of ventilation parameters, which can include: tidal volumes, pressures, flows, frequency, oxygen concentration, and more. Consider the compatibility with different ventilator models and types.

Consider your budget constraints, but balance this with the need for a reliable and accurate ventilator tester. More affordable options may not have every feature, but can still provide the performance and functionality that you need.

Ease of Use and User Interface
The user interface should be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing operators to set up tests quickly and interpret results easily. The device should come with clear user instructions. User friendly features, such as, automatic breath detection and configurations enhance your productivity and save time. 

Portability and Size
Depending on your needs, consider the portability and size of the ventilator tester. Portable testers are convenient for on-site testing and field service, while larger systems may offer more features and capabilities. Mounting options can be preferred for enhanced accessibility and versatility. TSI® Certifier™ Plus Handheld Flow Analyzers (4080-F Full Kit and 4080-S Standard Kit) can be securely mounted to ventilator rails to optimize your test setup.

Durability and Reliability
Choose a ventilator tester that is built to withstand frequent use in demanding environments. Quality construction and robust design are essential for long-term reliability.

Data Logging and Storage
Check if the tester has the capability to log data or capture screenshots for reporting or analysis purposes. This feature can be crucial for tracking the performance of ventilators over time. Consider automatic data acquisition options to speed up your reporting and ensure data integrity.

Support and Service
Choose a product from a reputable manufacturer that offers good customer support and after-sales service. Check if the manufacturer provides regular updates, calibration services, and technical support.

Maintenance Requirements
Understand the maintenance requirements of the ventilator tester. Consider factors such as sensor calibration frequency, firmware updates, consumable accessories, and overall system maintenance. If applicable, check if the tester can integrate with hospital information systems or other data management tools for streamlined record-keeping and analysis.

Reviews and Recommendations
Look for user reviews or recommendations from professionals in the field. Real-world feedback can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of a specific ventilator tester.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a ventilator tester that meets your specific requirements and ensures the safety and effectiveness of ventilators and other respiratory medical devices. 

Look at the included warranty as it provides assurance of reliability and quality of the tester. Offering protection against potential malfunctions or defects that may arise during operation, ensures uninterrupted functionality and assurance control for users. Check out below for more information on our 4-year limited time offer for our Certifier™ Pro benchtop analyzer.

TSI® Solutions
The Certifier™ family encompasses both benchtop and handheld options, catering to the diverse needs of the biomedical testing industry. Our handheld choices also offer the advantage of portability along with mounting options. These cutting-edge instruments are engineered to deliver precise and dependable measurements, ensuring optimal performance

Check out the latest Certifier™ in our product family: The All-in-One Certifier™ Pro flow analyzer. The benchtop combines high flow and low flow measurements with pressures, oxygen concentration, and temperature into a single, compact instrument. This highly accurate test system can measure 31 different test parameters, graph in real-time, and save measurement data. The unit includes a 2-year standard warranty plus 2-year extended warranty for a limited time*.

Learn more about the Certifier Pro

*4-year limited time warranty offer valid through December 31, 2024

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