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CPAP, BPAP, and APAP Testing

How TSI flow meters help our customers test CPAP, BPAP, and APAP machines.

What are PAP Therapy Devices used for?

What TSI Flow Meter is right for my CPAP, BPAP, or APAP testing?Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition where physical blockages occur in a person’s airway when they are asleep. This causes breathing to stop, reduces oxygen in the blood, and leads them to wake up frequently and feel tired during the day. Positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy is the most effective and widely used method for treating sleep apnea. PAP machines keep a patient’s airway open using air pressure, preventing the airway from collapsing while asleep.

There are a variety of PAP machines available, including CPAP machines, BPAP machines, and APAP machines. To learn more about these different devices and their benefits, visit our application page.

Why do CPAPs, BPAPs, and APAPs need to be tested?

PAP machines have a number of integrated sensors to make sure the air flow, pressure, vibration, and humidity are accurately controlled to keep the user comfortable and safe. These sensors may need to be calibrated and/or checked periodically—both during the design/manufacturing of the machine and during service.

TSI’s 5000 Series flow meters are ideal for testing and calibrating PAP therapy devices. TSI sensor technology enables flow sensing with high accuracy, fast response rate, and low pressure drop. Our 5000 Series gas mass flow meters can combine measurements of multiple instruments into one, including a digital flow meter, manometer, thermometer, and hygrometer. Using one device instead of many saves purchasing costs, calibration and maintenance costs, and asset tracking time.

What TSI Flow Meter Model is right for my application?

TSI high flow meter model 5310-1: ideal for the manufacturing of PAPs as well as for calibration and verification services

  • Provides bi-directional flow measurement of +/- 300 L/min with 2% of reading accuracy
  • Integrates independent pressure and temperature sensors
  • Simultaneously measures flow rate, differential pressure, and temperature
  • Logs all measurement data, time synchronized, with easy export as .csv files

TSI high flow meter model 5320-2: well suited for testing/calibrating PAP machines with a humidification feature

  • Includes all the measurements and functionality of the 5310-1 PLUS humidity sensing
  • Embedded independent humidity sensor which provides relative humidity readings of up to 90% RH
  • Humidity sensor is used to compensate air flow measurements to provide the equivalent dry gas reading

TSI high flow meter model 5330-2: a great tool for PAP research and development applications

  • Includes all the measurements and functionality of the 5320-2 PLUS increased flow measurement accuracy to 1.7% of reading
  • Integrated sensors provide temperature, pressure, and humidity compensated flow measurements to ensure precision and accuracy even in varying operating conditions

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