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Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health and SafetyAs an occupational health & safety professional or an industrial hygienist, you are continuously auditing, documenting, and taking corrective or preventive actions. It’s the only way to keep your teams safe and healthy—and to stay in compliance.

A strong safety program depends on good data. Only with correct measurements, can you identify risks, report on them with confidence, and make informed decisions.

Measure what's important

TSI develops and manufactures accurate and reliable occupational health and safety instruments to measure what’s important in your safety program.

  • Monitor risks such as heat stress, confined space gases, noise, and particulate mass.
  • Evaluate workplace exposure, including short-term and long-term exposure to dust, particles, or gases.
  • Build strong respiratory protection programs with quantitative fit testing.
  • Optimize comfort and productivity with HVAC and industrial ventilation tools and indoor air quality assessments.

TSI tools give you the data you need to move forward and make the right call

Most TSI tools offer real-time readings and audio/visual alarms that let you correct a situation before it becomes a problem. We understand how important your job is—and what you need to do it well. Trust TSI to help you handle your OHS challenges every day.

Industry Applications

Respirator Fit

Respirator Fit Testers

Instruments & software to support respiratory protection programs from training through compliance.


Indoor Air Quality

Tools to measure temperature, humidity, outdoor air calculations, CO, CO2, and particles.


Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

Real-time data is often required to prove fugitive emissions levels comply with regulations.


Ventilation Testing & Balancing

Properly adjusted systems can make a building more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Noise & Sound

Sound & Noise Exposure Monitoring

Exposure to excessive noise elevates stress and poses a substantial risk to worker safety.

Heat Stress

Heat Stress Monitoring

TSI Quest instruments can help you protect your workers from exposure to heat stress.

Dust Monitoring

Aerosol & Dust Monitoring

Measuring risk to workers by monitoring the worker breathing zone.

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