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Tools and instruments to meet manufacturing goalsGoals for quality, productivity, data integrity, and safety matter to every kind of manufacturer. As measurement instrument manufacturers ourselves, we understand how critical reliable data is to your enterprise. Data that you gather—from analyzing your materials, products, and processes—has to be right in order to improve yield, minimize waste, reduce defects, and ensure quality.

Just like you, we understand that everything we create depends on precise, repeatable data, from R&D to the production line to the shipping department.

Continuous improvement to meet business, quality, and compliance requirements

Our customers manufacture materials, components, finished goods, and original equipment. They are in every sector—medical and biomedical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor/electronics, automotive, construction, energy, government, environmental, and more. We help them measure everything from the velocity of fluid around a propeller to the concentration of particles in a cleanroom to the volume of oxygen delivered to a hospital ventilator.

Trust TSI to help you meet your most important manufacturing standards and business goals.

Industry Applications

Filter Testing

Filter Testing

Filters are used in air cleaners and air purifiers, ventilation systems, hospitals, and labs.


Contamination Control

Solutions for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics, and industrial manufacturing.

Gas Flow

Gas Flow Measurement

Accurate flow meters with wide dynamic range and fast response, for better product testing.

Semi Vapor

Semiconductor Vaporization

Liquid source vaporization is a critical component in semiconductor fabrication, such as CVD/ALD.

Surface Defects

Industrial Thin Films Vaporization

Thin film deposition processes are used to create protective coatings in industrial applications.

Surface Defects

Calibrate Surface Defect Inspection

Surface defect inspection systems need regular calibration to ensure accuracy and prevent defects.

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