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Fit Testing for First Responders

Fit Test for the Right Reason

Respirator Fit Testing for First RespondersRespirator fit testing is about more than compliance with standards or about “checking the box” as quickly as possible, it’s about safety. First responders deserve the very best protection possible from a respirator.

PortaCount Fit Testers deliver safety by utilizing the most effective quantitative fit testing method available to identify poor fitting masks. Industry-first features train staff how to wear respirators for optimal protection.

Choose PortaCount Fit Testers for respirator training and fit testing you can trust.

Fit Test Any Respirator from SCBAs to N95s

Simplify fit testing with one consistent and objective testing experience across any respirator type. Now you can fit test any respirator in your kit with the same instrument and test.

  • SCBA Masks
  • N95 Filtering Facepieces
  • Air Purifying Respirators (APRs) y mask you use with one instrument, SCBAs to N95s

Trust Real World Measurements of Respirator Fit

The PortaCount Fit Tester evaluates respirator fit during movement, breathing and talking; providing an accurate reflection of how a respirator will protect staff on the job.

Measure your staff's respirator fit during action for increased safety and provide them with confidence that their respirator will provide real-world protection.

Pass More Fit Tests

FitCheck® Mode  provides real-time measurements, allowing users to quickly identify the correct masks for staff and provide them with a greater understanding of how respirators best fit and provide protection.

By improving staff training and mask selection, users begin fit tests with respirators shown to fit and staff who know how to don and wear them. Better training increases your percentage of passed fit tests, improving safety and saving time.