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Remediation Site Monitoring

Remediation Site Air MonitoringEnvironmental remediation consists of the removal of soil and sediment, along with associated polluted contaminants within the soil. There are many government remediation standards set in most industrialized countries. Each country sets its own regulations on how the contaminants should be removed for the soil. These regulations set the guidelines for how an environmental assessment should be conducted and provides a history of what materials have been used on site. This will provide guidance on the type of sampling and analysis that must be conducted by the site manager or environmental consultant. 

Soil testing neighboring properties should also be considered due to past emissions and potential contamination. Examples of these emissions are fine particles ( PM10 and PM2.5), aerosols and dust. What monitoring agencies want is the real-time air quality data to prove that their levels are below regulations and can act when the levels exceed the limits.   

Remediation Applications

There are several applications for monitoring aerosol such as PM10 and PM2.5, gases and VOC’s in the environmental remediation space.  These include but are not limited to the following

  • Fence-line or perimeter monitoring at hazardous waste sites
  • Perimeter monitoring of brownfields and remediation sites
  • Perimeter monitoring of construction sites
  • Community Watch Group Monitoring may also be interested in monitoring remediation sites(voluntary and State Implementation Plans)
    • Urban air pollution monitoring
    • Watch groups
    • Roadside emissions monitoring

TSI has a wide range of air quality monitoring equipment designed for continuous, real-time remediation monitoring.

TSI Link™ Solutions for Air Monitoring

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