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What is Respirator Fit Testing? A new TSI video

What is a respirator fit test? And how does a fit test reveal how well a respirator will protect an employee?

What is Respirator Fit Testing? A new TSI videoIn this new 3-minute video from TSI experts, we answer these basic questions and many more, including:

  • What does a fit test measure?
  • What are the OSHA requirements for when respirators must be fit tested?
  • What fit test methods are accepted by OSHA and what are their differences?

Our new video, “What is Respirator Fit Testing?” explains the basics of the quantitative fit testing method using the PortaCount Fit Tester, as well as:

  • How a quantitative fit tester takes measurements during a fit test
  • How the device calculates fit factors to better evaluate a respirator’s fit
  • How quantitative fit testing gives users a better look at how respirators fit under real world conditions
  • How to increase your employees' confidence in their respiratory protection and complete a fit test in less time

Watch “What is Respirator Fit Testing?”

Posted on Feb 24 2021 16:33
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