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Tracking air quality from coast to coast

Wildfire smoke has made its way across the country from fires in the West. TSI Link helps communities stay informed in real-time.

Wildfire smoke can be measured from coast-to-coast in the US and CanadaWith over 80 wildfires burning nearly 1.3 million acres in the Western, there’s immense attention on the area’s air pollution and the health of its citizens. Although the wildfires are localized in the US West and Canada, they have had far-reaching effects. Smoke from wildfires in the West has traveled all the way to the East Coast, and over the last month, the air quality in Minnesota and Wisconsin fell to hazardous levels, even worse than that of wildfire zones in Montana and California.

Measuring the air quality impacts of wildfires far from the source

The chart below compares air quality of Minnesota, Montana, and California from July 8 through August 5, 2021. It displays Air Quality Index measurements of PM2.5. PM2.5 is a term that describes fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller, often generated by combustion such as burning wood or biomass. Minnesota (the blue line in the chart) endured PM2.5 spikes in late July and early August—direct results of Canadian wildfires.

TSI Link’s outdoor air quality history chart displays over a month’s view of three US areas that are affected by wildfires. | Click to enlarge

Air quality in your community

TSI Link’s map shows public customer-owned devices that can help all users stay safe by seeing where air pollution is a risk. | Click to enlargeThis data shows us that air quality can be affected by events thousands of miles away. Any community or neighborhood can be at risk of hazardous air and particulate matter. Staying informed is the best way to manage those risks and make critical decisions to protect people from exposure.

TSI Link is the tool that TSI customers use to track and share air quality they measure with products like BlueSky Air Quality Monitor. Even if you're not a TSI customer, you can see real-time air quality data with a free account on tsilink.com. Sign up today to learn more about air quality in your part of the world.

Posted on Aug 06 2021 08:28
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