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Healthcare applications for TSI tools and instrumentsProtecting medical staff and patients from hazards and infections is an enormous responsibility. Whether you work with hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and compounding pharmacies, or medical device and equipment manufacturers, compliance is always your priority. Meeting your targets requires exact—and often continuous—monitoring.  

For compliance, safety, and advances in healthcare

For over fifty years, TSI has helped customers succeed in managing the world’s most highly regulated environments. We develop new solutions for reducing the risk of airborne and surgical site infections and helping cleanrooms stay clean. We set global standards for differential pressure, air changes, temperature, and humidity in critical patient spaces. In laboratories, we help maintain consistent fume hood and room pressure differentials. With TSI’s help, our customers are better equipped to manage the requirements of ASHRAE 170, USP 797 and 800, and other standards.

Precision data from reliable instrumentation makes medical advances and innovation possible. Our customers in medical device R&D, product development, and biomed equipment testing programs have confidence in TSI to help them both create new products and keep current equipment running. We’re proud to be part of groundbreaking medical research and patient care solutions worldwide.

Industry Applications

Room Monitoring

Hospital Room Monitoring & Controls

Control solutions for isolation rooms, operating rooms, and other hospital environments.


Biomedical Testing

Biomedical testing is an essential and critical part of the medical equipment industry.

Respirator Fit

Respirator Fit Testing

Quantitative respirator fit testing helps you better protect your staff and patients.

Lab Controls

Laboratory Monitoring and Controls

Direct measurements of key parameters & closed loop controls enable greater safety and cost control.

Medical Vapor

Medical Device Manufacturing Vapors

Medical device fabrication often requires nanometer- or micro-thick thin films deposited via CVD.

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