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Testing & Balancing / Commissioning

Testing & Balancing / CommissioningThe key to a comfortable and efficient space is the design and function of a building's HVAC systems. The testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) of the systems is what ensures they are functioning properly. Using the right instruments for the TAB process is fundamental to making the right adjustments, in order to achieve a productive system.

The verification of an HVAC system's design, installation, and TAB process is the commissioning of a system.  The tools used to do TAB and commissioning work are just as important as the education and experience of the professionals performing the work. 

Essential TAB and Commissioning Instruments

  • Capture Hood – for measuring air flow and volume from diffusers and into return registers
  • Rotating Vane – for taking quick measurements of air flow and drafts throughout a facility
  • Hydronic Manometer – for balancing water-based heating and cooling systems
  • Thermal Anemometer – used to do a duct traverse for balancing air-based heating and cooling systems
  • Indoor Air Quality meters – often used by TAB and commissioning professionals to detect and measure air quality in a space

Key Aspects To Consider When Purchasing These Instruments

  • Accuracy – it is important for any measurement to be accurate, so check the specifications to see if the instrument meets standards and requirements for you area
  • Durable – these instruments are used in a variety of environments and need to be able to withstand the elements and everyday use on the job
  • Versatility – TAB and commissioning work often involves taking a variety of measurements and dealing with an assortment of situations.  It is important for your instruments to be dynamic and help you complete the job without having to get a different instrument.

For TAB and commissioning professionals, TSI has provided accurate, reliable instrumentation for more than 50 years. With TSI, you can be confident you are investing in professional grade tools, ensuring the efficiency and comfort of your HVAC systems. 

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