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Critical Space Testing

Critical Space Ventilation TestingIn hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, isolation rooms, and areas containing chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets and industrial hoods it is critical to maintain proper air velocities and air volume levels. In addition to the aspect of human comfort, maintaining proper air velocities and air volume levels are critical for safe, healthy working conditions, and avoiding exposure to dangerous, infectious or contagious material.

Ventilation, correct air flow distribution and room pressure are vital to maintaining product quality and yield, while providing containment of potential life threatening exposure to harmful chemicals. Monitoring the condition of the air is a major concern in clean environments, since they need to meet more stringent requirements. Air measurement verification has become mandatory for laboratories and clean room facilities and can be subject to government regulation and inspection.

For critical electronic component manufacturing, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical production, and other process-critical operations, the ambient air conditions supplied to a space can directly impact product quality, economic bottom line and occupant safety. 

These types of critical spaces require specialized HVAC systems which may continuously monitor or control room differential pressures, supply and exhaust airflow rates, temperature and humidity parameters, and air particle sizes and filtration in real-time. These types of systems generally operate independently of the general HVAC system found in the rest of the facility (i.e. office space, meeting rooms, reception area, etc.) since they have a different purpose.

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