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How to Improve Ventilation in a Post-COVID World

TSI Product Marketing Manager Erica Vranak wrote an article for gb&d on ASHRAE and post-pandemic IAQ.

TSI Product Marketing Manager Erica VranakThe pandemic has forever changed how we think about indoor air quality. In May, when the CDC updated its SARS-CoV-2 information to highlight the risk of transmission via inhalation of an aerosolized and airborne virus, agencies like ASHRAE began to respond with new recommendations for reducing those risks.

In an article by TSI Product Marketing Manager Erica Vranak, we can walk through ASHRAE's recommendations and see how the crucial elements of an indoor air quality assessment and investigation have changed. Learn how HVAC professionals will need to adjust, refine, and document new processes for enhanced ventilation, filtration, and IAQ monitoring.

Read "How to Improve Ventilation in a Post-Covid World," published this month in gb&d (Green Building & Design).

Posted on Jul 08 2021 17:56
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