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Monitoring Worker, Area and Environment

For Safety in Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Applications

Ensuring the safety of workers in the oil and gas upstream, midstream, and downstream sites is a never-ending challenge for environment, health and safety (EHS) managers and professionals. TSI’s award winning portfolio of safety monitoring and respirator testing solutions makes the challenge less daunting by providing the data critical to protecting workers in the harshest of environments.

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Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing
Respirators protect workers from dangerous to potentially deadly breathable hazards in the workplace. PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester supports respiratory protection programs throughout the entire fit test process from training, mask selection, and compliance.

Noise Exposure Monitoring
TSI’s Quest™ brand of sound level meters and noise dosimeters provide EHS professionals with comprehensive information on noise sources and employee noise exposure to make informed safety decisions.

Outdoor Fence Line Monitoring
The DustTrak™ Environmental Monitoring Station with integrated wireless communication provides real time data and notification on the ambient air quality of target pollutants to help refineries, petrochemical, and chemical plants be compliant and keep neighboring communities safe.

Personal and Area Dust Monitoring
Understanding worker exposure to dangerous elements throughout the oil and gas value stream requires data in real time - not days to weeks later. TSI’s aerosol and dust exposure monitoring solutions provide EHS professionals the critical exposure information needed to ensure worker safety from harmful particulates.

Fume Hood Monitors and Controllers
TSI Fume Hood Controllers directly measure face velocity of air entering a fume hood. TSI fume hood controllers safely reduce the exhausted air volume, reducing HVAC operating costs.

Laboratory Room Controls
Laboratory room controls prevent chemicals from escaping to other areas of the building. They are a critical second line of defense to contain contamination. TSI Variable Air Volume (VAV) laboratory room controllers maintain ventilation, comfort, and safety.


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