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Phasen-Doppler-Partikel-Messsystem mit Solid-State Laser und Fiber Optic Probes

Artikelnr: TM250

*Diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch verfügbar.*

The Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) system utilizes a solid-state laser to generate laser beams through the fiber optic probe to form the measurement volume for the simultaneous size and velocity measurement. The fiberoptic probe arrangement offers flexibility for measurements in confined or hazardous environments. 


The Phase Doppler Method is based upon the principles of light scattering interferometry. Measurements are made at a small, non-intrusive optical probe volume defined by the intersection of two laser beams. As a particle passes through the probe volume, it scatters light from the beams into a multi-detector receiving probe, strategically located at an off-axis collection angle. The phase shift between the doppler burst signals from different detectors is proportional to the size of the spherical particles.

The employment of solid-state lasers and fiber optic probes, offer flexibility for measurement in controlled or hazardous environments. With the fiber optic probe having fiber cable as long as 20 meters, the measurement can take place far away from the operator, for convenience and/or safety. Individual solid-state lasers provide the desirable wavelength and power (up to 1W) to be coupled with the fiber optic probe for challenging spray applications.

TSI’s PDPA systems provide accurate and reliable flow velocity and particle size data from all measurement situations – from simple flows to high-speed, low SNR situations. With a sampling rate up to 800MHz and photon-counting level sensitivity, only TSI electronics have the speed and versatility to handle all of your PDPA measurement needs. Backed by over 25 years of producing phase doppler and laser doppler systems, versatility is not only a design goal -  it is built-in.

As for the transmitting fiber optic probe, a number of selections are given in the table below:

Model Description
TM150-12 70 mm diameter, one-component fiber optic transmitter probe for 514.5 nm, 50 mm clear aperture, 250 mm focal lens, 8 m fiber optic cable
TM150-13 70 mm diameter, one-component fiber optic transmitter probe for 476.5 nm, 50 mm clear aperture, 250 mm focal lens, 8 m fiber optic cable
TM250 70 mm diameter, two-component fiber optic transmitter probe for 514.5 and 488 nm, 50 mm clear aperture, 250 mm focal lens, 8 m fiber optic cable


  • Spray diagnostics in large scale facilities
  • Turbulence measurements
  • Field studies

Features and benefits

  • Individual solid-state laser with wavelengths of 488, 514 or 532 nm at 1W power, provides laser beams to be coupled to transmitting fiber optic probe
  • Transmitting fiber optic probe with long fiber cable length up to 20 m for measurements in controlled or hazardous environments, far away from the operator
  • Receiving fiber optic probe with fiber cable up to 10 m applicable for large scale spray facility
  • Patented intensity validation technique to ensure accurate sizing to be measured
  • Easy-to-use Flowsizer™ Data Acquisition and Analysis Software included- Microsoft® Windows® 7/10 64-bit compatible
  • Easy to upgrade from 1D to 2D and 3D configurations