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Rotating Disk Thermodiluter and Thermal Conditioner 379020A-30 CN

商品编号: 379020A-30



TSI's Rotating Disk Thermodiluter and Thermal Conditioner (Air Supply) Model 379020A-30 is highly regarded in the field of particle emission measurement. It is especially suited for sampling, diluting and conditioning exhaust particles from diesel- and spark-ignition engines, as well as performing stack emissions studies. The thermal conditioner for emission testing purposes uses a heated evaporation tube, which can be heated up to 400℃, to eliminate nanodroplets that may have formed during the dilution process. This model features a separate diluter head and control unit that effectively dilutes the sample at the source (tailpipe, CVS tunnel, or stack) and thermally conditions the particles, in order to preserve it for accurate measurement. 


  • Adjustable dilution ratio with no tools or recalibration required
  • Accurate dilution over two full decades
  • Built-in heater with selectable temperatures to avoid condensation of water and volatile materials that can interfere with measurements
  • Local and remote controlled operation
  • Suppression of volatile particle formation in order to measure the solid particle fraction
  • Rotating disk that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Robust disk coatings to reduce wear and improve lifetime
  • Improved design to simplify operation and to increase durability


  • Combustion research
  • Engine emissions (diesel and gasoline)