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Australian Mining Features TSI's New, Real-Time, and Wearable Dust Monitor, the SidePak AM520

Australian Mining magazine features an interview with TSI's Kevin Chase on the intrinsically safe personal dust monitor, the SidePak AM520i.

SidePak AM520i intrinsically safe personal dust monitor

TSI's intrinsically safe personal dust monitor, the SidePak AM520i, was featured in the October issue of Australian Mining. The magazine interviewed TSI Global Product Manager Kevin Chase about the new wearable instrument. 

History of the intrinsically safe AM520i

In 2017 Queensland invited TSI to participate in an initiative that led to the development of the new monitor. Chase tells this story as well as how TSI pursued and attained intrinsic safety certifications for the AM520i from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Read the article online in Australian Mining.

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