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Standard MicroPIV

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The standard microPIV system is usually equipped with a camera with capture rates up to 30 Hz as well as a low-pulse-rate laser.  The system is ideal for steady flow in complex microchannel geometries.  As seen in the picture, the fully functional microscope is provided as part of the system.  Typically, a laser light guide is used to deliver the laser light to the microscope.  There is an attenuator supplied with the laser light guide to prevent any excessive laser energy from being used.


  • Patented techniques for image capture and analysis provide unmatched microflow measurement capabilities
  • Fully functional inverted microscope approach designed to provide the measurement of microflow as well as other measurement requirements
  • Unique optical arrangement with epifluorescence uses the same optical access for illumination and light collection
  • Ensemble correlation analysis method offers extremely high spatial resolution, obtaining boundary layer velocity profile at the near wall of the channel
  • Upgradable from 2D flow measurement to 3D flow and/or PLIF information
  • Adaptable with high-resolution cameras from 4MP to 29MP resolution
  • Insight 4G Software offers complete system control, data collection, analysis and display


Measurements of flow in microchannels (sizes smaller than 500 nm)

Flow, temperature, and concentration measurements in MEMS, microchannels, and drug delivery

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