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User-Serviceable Photometers 8177

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Product Details

TSI's Automated Filter Tester Models 8127 and 8130 have been used for respiratory filter and filter media testing by leading regulatory authorities and hundreds of manufacturers for over 20 years. These testers are 42 CFR 84, EN 143, ISO 23328-1 & GB2626 compliant.

Cleaning the photometers in these testers used to require sending the assembly to the factory for service.  Now, these photometers can be cleaned by the user on site in less than one hour. This minimizes downtime, reduces the cost of ownership and results in more profitable filter testing. 

High-Quality Filter Testing Just Became More Affordable

For owners of models 8130 and 8127 filter testers, the new upstream and downstream photometers that are housed in the photometer box 8177 can be retrofitted to either filter tester. These photometers feature fast response and purge times and solid-state laser diodes, while maintaining high quality measurements at a lower cost.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • More uptime
  • Clean on-site in less than one hour
  • Suitable for oil and salt test aerosols
  • Very consistent test results
  • High dynamic range, measuring filter efficiencies up to 99.999%
  • Cycle times as low as < 10 seconds


  • HEPA and ULPA respiratory filter testing
  • Filter cartridge testing
  • Filter media testing




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