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Our industry expertise and technical knowledge combined with dedicated employees provide TSI with a proven record of developing instruments that are the first, the only, or the best of their kind. We are dedicated to advancing the industries we serve with patents spanning scientific to industrial manufacturing applications. 


Advanced Aerosol Neutralizer Model 3088 U.S. Patent No. 7,796,727

Aerodynamic Particle Sizer® Spectrometer Model 3321 U.S. Patent No. 5,561,515

AeroTrak® Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor Model 9000 U.S. Patents 6,544,484 and 7,812,306

BioTrak® Real-Time Viable Particle Counter Model 9510-BD U.S. Patents 6,167,107; 5,701,012; 5,895,922 and 7,261,007 

ChemLite Laser Metals Analyzer U.S. Patent 9,506,869 

DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor Model DRX U.S. Patents 8,047,055 and 7,932,490

Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer™ Spectrometer Model 3090 U.S. Patent No. 7,230,431 

Fast Mobility Particle Sizer™ Spectrometer Model 3091 U.S. Patent No. 7,230,431

Global Sizing Velocimetry System U.S. Patent 7,362,421

Integrating Nephelometer Model 3563 U.S. Patents 3,563,661; 3,700,333; and 3,953,127

Mask Integrity Tester Model 8120  U.S. Patents 8,312,761 and 8,621,914. Additional patents pending.

Micro PIV U.S. Patent 6,653,651

Nano Differential Mobility Analyzer Model 3085A U.S. Patent No. 6,230,572 

Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor Model 3550 U.S. Patents 6,544,484 and 7,812,306

Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer System U.S. Patent 4,986,659

PortaCount® Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester Model 8038 U.S. Patent 6,125,845

Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ Spectrometer Model 3938 U.S. Patents 4,790,650 and 5,118,959

Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer® Spectrometer Model 3314 U.S. Patents 5,561,515, 5,701,102, 5,895,922, and 5,999,250

V3V™ Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry System U.S. Patents 6,278,847 and 7,006,132

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