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Metals Analysis

Supporting metals industries and applications

Metals and alloys identification is critical to nearly every industry. Safety, quality, and regulatory objectives are too important to ignore-and the demands of business grow with each passing day. Your successful metals analysis program requires accuracy, speed, usability, portability, and easily managed regulatory or safety concerns.

TSI engineers have supplied tools to heavy and light metals industries for decades. We support automotive, aerospace, OEMs, mining and refining, construction, aluminum mills, primary metals manufacturing, scrap, reselling, and recycling companies, and many more. Metals professionals use our desktop and handheld metals analysis tools for:

  • metals and alloy identification and verification
  • trace and bulk composition analysis
  • contamination control
  • quality assurance/quality control
  • positive material identification or PMI
  • alloy grading
  • detection of rare-Earth elements
  • scrap metal sorting and recycling
  • composition and classification of steel and stainless steel
  • Li metal research (battery manufacturing)
  • other metals and alloy applications



TSI metals analysis tools provide data for the materials that matter to your business. Whether you're confirming your raw materials, distinguishing between two alloys, or eliminating tramp elements, our products give you fast, accurate readings on metals and alloys. ChemLite Plus handheld instruments are calibrated for analysis of Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Nickel. By analyzing the elemental concentrations you can identify alloys quickly and easily.

Handheld and desktop chemical analysis tools

ChemLite™ and ChemLite Plus™ handheld metals analyzer

ChemLite Plus Handheld Metals Analyzer TSI handheld metals analyzers use Laser Induction Breakdown Spectroscopy or LIBS technology. Our metal analyzer guns emit no x-ray radiation and require no special PPE, licensing, training, or regulatory oversight. Instead of filling out forms and paying annual fees for the privilege of using XRF guns, our customers use our eye-safe ChemLite™ line of products  for portable metals sorting, PMI, and other metals and alloy ID.

ChemReveal™ desktop elemental analyzers

ChemReveal LIBS Desktop Elemental Analyzer The ChemReveal™ desktop analyzer is the choice of researchers, scientists, universities, and testing laboratories around the world. ChemReveal analyzers can measure organic elements (C, H, O, N), light elements (Li, B, Be, Na, Mg), and heavy metals simultaneously for micro- to macro-analysis. Configurable, flexible, and low prep, ChemReveal opens up a world of possibilities. Our ChemReveal customers include professionals from pharmaceutical, geochemical, environmental, forensic, and other fields.

Benefits of TSI LIBS metals analysis tools

ChemLite handheld metals analyzers and ChemReveal desktop analyzers make metals analysis easier, faster, and more reliable. In addition to improving on the typical XRF and OES analyzer experience, our products allow you to:

  • Analyze light metals and alloying elements with greater accuracy and lower limits of detection in just seconds
  • Analyze conductive and non-conductive materials
  • Analyze small samples and inclusions in samples using a focused laser beam.
  • "Burn off" contamination and surface impurities using the ablating power of the laser prior to analysis-no sample preparation
  • Obtain elemental mapping across a surface using XY sample scanning.
  • Many other benefits that save time, reduce cost, and help you meet accuracy and quality requirements.

 Our customers are organizations like yours that need to achieve results. To see ChemLite metals guns in action, schedule a demo . Learn more about TSI desktop LIBS analyzers or request a quote on the ChemReveal page .

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