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Confocal MicroPIV

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The confocal microPIV system is used when narrow depth of field is required, with the goal of slicing through the microchannel to get a representative vector field in each slice. The confocal optics involve a laser-illuminated rotating disc to focus the laser beam at a very tiny spot, reducing the depth of field to a few microns. Generally, confocal optics are an add-on component to a standard microscope. There is also a time-resolved confocal system in which the confocal optics and high speed camera are used together to capture the velocity field with both high temporal resolution and small depth of field.


  • Slices of measurements with micron-range depth of field to obtain flow profiles in microchannel flow using confocal scanning capability
  • Patented techniques for image capture and analysis provide unmatched microflow measurement capabilities
  • Fully functional inverted microscope approach is designed to allow measurement of microflow as well as other measurement requirements
  • Ensemble correlation analysis method offers extremely high spatial resolution to get boundary layer velocity profile at the near wall of the channel
  • Adaptable with both high-speed and low-speed cameras
  • Illumination of the measurement region provided by a high-power CW laser
  • Insight 4G Software offers complete system control, data collection, display, and analysis


  • Accurate flow profile measurements using the confocal, scanning-based microPIV system
  • Also appropriate for measurements of flow in microchannels using the standard microPIV arrangement
  • Flow measurements in MEMS, microchannels, and drug delivery

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