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Alnor Capture Hoods

    The Alnor Balometer® EBT731 quickly and accurately measures direct air volume at diffusers and grilles. This lightweight capture hood allows easy, one-person operation. Useful options and accessories enhance efficiency on the job.

    The Alnor capture hood maximizes HVAC worker productivity with timesaving features. The Bluetooth-enabled balometer sends air volume data directly to the LogDat™ mobile app. Measurements go faster with the built-in duct traverse program. The Alnor capture hood comes with a micromanometer that allows precise air pressure readings and is conveniently detachable. 

    Why more HVAC professionals use TSI-Alnor tools:

    • Supports multiple languages
    • Simple, fast setup and navigation
    • Bluetooth™ enabled
    • Capture data on your smartphone with the LogDat™ mobile app
    • Built-in duct traverse program speeds up your process
    • Measure low velocities with optional thermoanemometer probes

      Are You In Compliance?

      Alnor Balometer Capture Hood EBT731

      Are your capture hoods certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC) for the 2016 Building Efficiency Standards (Title 24)?

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