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Six-Jet Atomizer 9306

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The Six-Jet Atomizer 9306 is used to generate a polydisperse aerosol in high concentrations for use as seed particles for PIV and LDV measurements.

Product Details

The system has a built-in pressure regulator and pressure gauge, as well as a self-contained dilution system. External controls allow one through six particle-generating atomizer jets to be selected, each producing particle concentrations greater than 10 7 particles/cm 3 at 6.5 L/min (nominal at 25 psig pressure), allowing both the particle number concentration and the total particle output to be adjusted. The system can be used to generate particles from virtually any liquid, and can even produce solid particles from solutions or suspensions. Precise control of dilution air flow rate allows further control over the output concentration and helps dry the solid particles generated from a solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to six jets, each producing concentrations greater than 10 7 particles/cm 3
  • 6.5 L/min nominal
  • Generation of polydisperse aerosols in high concentrations
  • External control for selecting up to six atomizer jets
  • External control of dilution air flow rate to adjust output concentrations and dry solid particles
  • Generates and expels particles into pressurized environments


  • Particle image velocimetry experiments
  • Laser Doppler velocimetry experiments
  • Research requiring polydisperse, high-concentration aerosol

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