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Seed Particle Generators 9307-6

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TSI offers various models of seed particle generators to be used for PIV and LDV applications. Each model provides the appropriately-sized seed particles, to seed the flow field for the velocity measurement in air and gas applications. The different generator models can be used with different materials (liquid and solid) and operating conditions, to provide the proper seed particles.


9302                            9306 updated

    Single-Jet Atomizer Model 9302                               Six-Jet Atomizer Model 9306        


Jet atomizer models 9302 and 9306 are aerosol generators specifically designed to generate particles in droplet and solid forms. The generators can be used to disperse various types of matter, including  water droplets, salt or sugar particles, polystyrene latex particles and oil droplets. The concentration of the particles or droplets can be adjusted in the model 9306 atomizer by adding outside air to mix with the particles or droplets. 

Oil Droplet Generator                         9307-6

Oil Droplet Generator Model 9307                           Oil Droplet Generator Model 9307-6

Laskin nozzle oil droplet generator models 9307 (single-jet) and 9307-6 (six-jet) are designed to generate large amounts of seed particles for the seeding of PIV or LDV flows. They are also ideal for seeding in high-speed flows for wind tunnel experiments. These generators are typically used with olive oil, but can also be used with other fluids such as DEHS or salt solutions (for aerosolizing solid salt particles).

Fog generator Model 9308

Fog Generator Model 9308

Fog generator model 9308 offers high output and remarkable flexibility in a compact, easy-to-transport unit. The volume control feature allows users to release the right amount of fog, ranging from small wisps to large clouds, for just about any situation. Model 9308 is controlled through a control panel that serves as either the remote or on-board control, and is connected to the machine with a standard 7 pin XLR connector.



Solid Particle Generator Model 9309

Solid seed particle generator model 9309 is ideal for dispersing solid particles in order to seed flow fields in high pressure or high temperature environments, like combustion in open flames. This generator uses  SiO 2 , TiO 2 , and Al 2 O 3 dry powders. The generator is designed to be operated at high pressures and it must be kept dry in order for the powders to disperse properly.  


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