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Safety and Homeland Security (CBRN Defense)

Organizations worldwide rely on TSI CBRN defense products for reliable protection of personnel from chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) threats.


Simple, Reliable Mask Integrity Testing

TSI mask fit-testing equipment gives first responders, homeland security, and military personnel the information they need to properly select, wear and maintain a CBRN protective mask.

  • Tests the fit and integrity of CBRN protective masks quickly and reliably
  • Verifies that personnel are getting the best possible CBRN protection from their assigned masks.
CBRN Defense Technology That Works For You

TSI Bioaerosol Triggers alert personnel of the potential presence of a biological threat and trigger sample collection and identification systems for threat confirmation.

  • Leverages the latest TSI aerosol measurement expertise
  • Used in fixed-site, vehicle, and ship-board applications

TSI's CBRN protection equipment has successfully supported every major U.S. military effort since Desert Storm, including recent campaigns in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It is used by first responders and foreign allies worldwide to address emerging defense and homeland security requirements.

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