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FSA Signal Processors

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Product Details

The FSA series of signal processors is the most accurate and fast, designed for LDV and PDPA applications. The FSA processors offer many innovative features and benefits:

  • High Doppler frequency up to 175 MHz for dense spray and high speed flows
  • Multi-bit (8-bit) sampling for accuracy with Doppler burst sampling in poor SNR conditions
  • Frequency domain burst detection -A patented scheme that detects bursts based on the real-time SNR level (not simply burst amplitude)
  • Dynamic burst centering for accurate Doppler frequency measurement by extracting data from the highest-quality portion of  the signal
  • Intensity validation -A patented technique integrated at the electronic level, providing a totally independent (not based on phase) means of validating the measured particle diameter
  • Short transit time to ensure accurate size and velocity measurements for dense and high-speed spray, using very small measurement volumes
  • Signal optimization - The high level PDM output signal is down mixed, filtered and amplified before processing, to increase measurement accuracy

FSA Diagram


Spec Table_FSA


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