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Application Notes

Raman App Notes

Learn more about our Raman instruments and the many applications in which they are used by reading our library of application notes.

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ProRaman- W Series Wide Range Industrial Process Raman Analyzer

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Product Details

ProRaman-W systems (formerly known as ExpertRaman-W) each features a 785 nm frequency stabilized laser, high sensitivity CCD spectrograph with the CCD cooled to -60ºC and a high throughput immersion fiber optics probe. The system has ~10 cm -1 averaged optical resolution (optional 5 cm-1) with spectral coverage from ~250 to 3,200 cm-1.

The ProRaman-W series is ideal for on-line process monitoring and for any academic, research, industrial applications requiring an affordable, high performance Raman instrument.

Features and Benefits

  • High sensitivity Raman system for laboratory & industrial process monitoring
  • Best signal to noise characteristics of any laboratory Raman instrument
  • Accurate, fast, repeatable Raman measurements
  • Research grade performance without the price and complexity
  • High power, NIR, frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth excitation source
  • compliant - 21 CFR part 11 and GMP compliance


  • Academic
  • Research
  • Industrial

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