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Application Notes

Raman App Notes

Learn more about our Raman instruments and the many applications in which they are used by reading our library of application notes.

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Raman Spectroscopy in Methanol Generation

ChemLogix Webinar

Webinar recording discussing the use of Raman spectroscopy in methanol generation, presented by Dr. Amy Bauer.

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GasRaman NOCH-2 Portable Gas-Phase Process Raman Analyzer

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Product Details

The GasRaman NOCH-2 spectrograph features a 532 nm DPSS laser, a high Rayleigh rejection fiber optic probe, and a miniature high resolution spectrometer achieving up to ~6 cm-1 average optical resolution. Spectral coverage options are available from ~250 - 4,200 cm-1.

The NOCH-2 GasRaman system is ideal for any academic, research, industrial, or other institutions requiring laboratory and/or online gas phase Raman analysis at an affordable price all other applications requiring a high performance, low-cost Raman analyzer system.

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